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The Panda Problem | Story Structure With a Twist

The panda has a problem...or the panda is the problem? Find out which is the case in this hilarious picture book that turns story structure upside down.


Author: Deborah Underwood

Illustrator: Hannah Marks

Pages: 48

Age Range: 3-7

We all know what story structure to expect in most children's books. The story will begin by introducing us to the main character. Then, something will happen to this character which propels them into an adventure. They will face conflict throughout the story until the end when it is finally resolved.

The Panda Problem starts like every other story you have read. You think you know what you are getting into until the author flips the script. Take a look at the first few pages of the the book:

Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a panda who lived in a beautiful bamboo grove. But the panda had a BIG problem.
Panda: Nope.
Narrator: Excuse me?

Wait a second...the panda doesn't have a problem? How can we have a story without a problem? We will soon learn that the panda is the problem!

The rest of the book unfolds as the narrator tries to solve his panda problem. Kids will laugh their way through a beautifully illustrated story filled with mischief and panda hijinks. It's fun, it's imaginative, and it's a refreshing take on story. You will want to keep turning the page along with your kids to find out what happens next!

Why Read This Book?

The best books and movies are ones that keep you on your toes. No one wants to go to a movie where they know what happens before it even starts. That's why we tell people that have seen a movie before us to keep the spoilers to themselves! The Panda Problem is that kind of book. It keeps you guessing until the end (and leaves you wanting more).

I am always looking for books that instill the principles of story into my children, but my kids want books that they enjoy reading! The Panda Problem gives you the best of both worlds. Character. Conflict. Resolution...and Fun.

Check it out at your local library or add it to your family bookshelf.

Click below to buy it on Amazon.

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