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About Story Slant


Stories have been around since the beginning of time. From cave drawings to campfire tales, humans have passed on stories from generation to generation.


Throughout our history, scribes have preserved the oral traditions of their cultures. Writers have created worlds that mimic everyday life. And storytellers have weaved truth into fiction. To this day, stories speak truth in a way that is real to us as humans.


This is why Story Slant exists. There are stories that need to be passed on, and we are here to point you to them. Like Emily Dickinson's poem reveals, truth is heard the most clearly when it is told "slant".


Raising kids who are drawn to truth and beauty is difficult in our world today! Story Slant provides family book recommendations, movie reviews, music resources, and more for parents to check out. We are in your corner. We are on your side.


Tell it slant. Pass it on.

This is us | Our family is the "why" behind Story Stant.

The Leland Family

Tyler & Adriane

Coby, Myles, and Theo


We are constantly imagining the end for our boys. Join us in uncovering the best stories for the next generation!

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