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Make Me Care | The Pixar Way

The best stories are the ones that give us characters we care about. Pixar likes to tell these type of stories.

Andrew Stanton the writer/director of several Pixar films is known for saying,

The greatest story commandment is: Make me care.

This is the thread that runs through the Pixar universes we know and love. The Pixar team has made us care for their computer-generated characters over and over again.

Woody and Buzz.

Mike and Sully.

Nemo and Dory.

Wall-E and Eve.

Toys. Monsters. Fish. Robots.

Non-human characters that can make us worry, laugh, and cry.  How do they do it?

Well, as humans we are drawn to stories that matter. And even though the characters at the center of each Pixar story may not look like us, they ARE us.

That is why my wife and I will pack up our minivan with the kids, stand in line at the theater, and pay a ridiculous amount of money for popcorn to watch the latest Pixar film. We know that Pixar is going to tell stories that matter.

I want to live a great story in my own life. I want my boys to tell great stories with their lives, and I wholeheartedly believe that that the stories that we engage with (imaginary or real) shape our own stories in a profound way.

So, thank you Pixar. Keep telling stories that make me care. I’ll show up because I know that the stories you are telling challenge and shape my own story, the human story, in a multitude of ways.

With so few movies coming out this year, here are 5 Pixar movies to revisit with your kids in the days to come!

5 Must-Watch Pixar Movies

Inside Out

A master's class into adolescent development told in story form. Grab a tissue for a story that has a clear understanding of the complications that come with growing up.

Finding Nemo

As a parent, one of the hardest things to do for our kids is to let go. Finding Nemo is not about Nemo, but Marlin. It is his "letting go" story full of loss, perseverance, friendship, and new beginnings.


Wall-E is a robot (a Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth Class to be exact). His job is to clean up the trashed earth that humans have long since evacuated. 700 years have passed and Wall-E is the last robot left. Everything changes for Wall-E when he falls in love with a robot probe sent back to Earth on a scanning mission. Wall-E follows EVE into space for an intergalactic adventure full of heart.


The first 10 minutes of UP is enough to have you in tears as you witness the ups and downs of life through the eyes of Carl and Ellie. An adventure awaits as Carl sets out to reach Paradise Falls with his "Wilderness Explorer" stowaway, Russell.

Toy Story

It's the OG of Pixar's ever-growing library. Toy Story, at it's heart, is a story of friendship. Woody and Buzz are one of the most iconic duos in cinematic history.

And here is Pixar's next film! In theaters next year...


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