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Rend Co Kids | Sparkle. Pop. Rampage

Rend Collective has a children's album? REND COLLECTIVE HAS A CHILDREN'S ALBUM! Your kids will love it...and so will you.

Artist: Rend Co Kids

Album: Sparkle. Pop. Rampage.

Tracks: 13

Age Range: The entire family will enjoy this one!

I can only listen to Baby Shark so many times. All of us have a breaking point when it comes to children's music. Most of the songs that our kids love are catchy at first but then go downhill quickly. And at the end of the day, who cares about that CRAZY SHARK FAMILY!

My family is always looking for uplifting music to play that the entire family can enjoy. But let's be real...our kids' taste in music is not the same as ours. Here lies the tension. We want to worship with our kids in the context of everyday life, but the song selections available always seem limited.

Rend Collective has addressed that problem for families. They have created an album that understands where we are at in the parenting journey. Sparkle. Pop. Rampage. is music created for parents and kids to enjoy together. And together is the best place to be as a family.

Let the family dance party begin!

Why Listen to this Album?

I've been a fan of Rend Collective for a long time. Their songs are catchy, singable, inspiring, and packed full of great lyrics. The words of songs matter to me because what we put into our hearts is what comes out in our lives. As you listen to the songs on this album, you will recognize a depth that is not often found on a children's album. Rend Collective is teaching Theology in a simplified way that kids (and parents) can comprehend. This is an album written by parents for parents. When I listen to the lyrics, I feel like I'm not alone in the parenting journey. I have someone in my corner saying the same things that I want my kids to hear over and over again.

And unlike Baby Shark, I'm okay listening to these songs on repeat!

Check out the track list AND a Rend Co Kids music video below:


  1. Feels Good (Upbeat Song)*

  2. Fun*

  3. Go Anywhere

  4. Jericho Song

  5. Story of the Cross

  6. Rise Up and Shine

  7. Rend Co Kids Theme Song

  8. My Lighthouse

  9. King of Me*

  10. Not Afraid

  11. God of Science (Our Great God)

  12. Need to Know You

  13. True North

* These are a few of our families favorite songs on the album!


Check it out on Spotify or Apple Music today!

Or if you want a cd to listen to on long car rides, click below to buy it on Amazon.

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