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The Book With No Pictures | Dads Start Here!

Let's face it, moms are the BEST at reading aloud. But kids need their dads to be readers too! Have no fear dads...this one is for you.

Author: B.J. Novak

Illustrator: None (The Book With NO PICTURES)

Pages: 48

Age Range: 5-8

I'm a dad...I try to read to my boys...I do my very best...but

...if I'm completely honest with you, I know that my wife is waaayyy better at reading books aloud to our kids. She does character voices. She pauses to build the scene. She seems to know what is coming and can narrate the story in a way that I simply cannot. Every time I hear her read a story, I feel like I'm watching her audition to be the host for Blue's Clues. Me on the other hand? I'm lucky to make it through a page without stumbling over the smallest words.

I'm a dad...I try to read to my boys...I do my very best...because

...I believe that my kids need to hear me read to them just as much as they need their mom to do it. They need to know that I love stories too. It's not something that mom is for and dad is against. We are on the same team. Moving in the same direction. Envisioning the same end.

This is where B.J. Novak's picture-less book comes into play. It may not have pictures, but it is packed full of fun. As the reader, you are tricked into saying non-sense (which every kid loves). And believe it or not, this non-sensical word play is just what dad's need during read aloud time. YOU get to be the funny guy saying hilarious things. YOU get to connect with your kids and make them laugh. Novak sets the ball on a tee for dads, hands them the bat, and gives them an easy way to hit a home run.

Check out B.J. Novak reading this book to a group of kids. I guarantee the same result will happen if you pick this book up for your next read aloud as a family.

Why Read This Book?

One of the best ways to build shared experiences with your kids is through stories. There isn't a day that goes by that our family isn't quoting some line from a book to one another or pointing out something that happened from a book we have read together. What The Book With No Pictures is lacking in story substance is made up for in shared experience. The unraveling madness provides the nudge that us dads need to know we can do this.

Moms! Hand this one over to dad for the win. Dads! Pick this one up to take the pressure off. You won't regret laughing with your children. Hang on to the laughs and let this book be the springboard into more storytelling adventures with your children.

Need more of a reason? Did I mention that B.J. Novak played Ryan on the TV Show The Office. Maybe I should have started with that.

Check it out at your local library or add it to your family bookshelf.

Click below to buy it on Amazon.

Do you already love this book? Then, you are going to want to order B.J.'s follow up that allows your family to write their own words into the chaos!

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